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Being a Senior 101 - Planning for Your Last Semester of College

By Ashley Pavone, CHC' 11, Intern

So, you've made it through three and a half years of college. You're reaching the home stretch as a college senior, moving toward a job.  How do you maintain the hard-working attitude that has gotten you this far, without feeling burnt out or unmotivated?

    1)  Ensure Your Graduation Requirements will be finished - You don't want a silly computer test or science class to keep you from graduating on time. Don’t wait to check your courses and make sure the last requirements will be completed during spring semester!
    2) Keep in close contact with your academic advisor/professors – You’re going to need job recommendations to go along with your resume, so put these people in the past just yet. It’s not a bad idea to start asking for them within the next month or so; maybe they’ll have some downtime to write about how great you are.

    3)  Use Winter Break for the ultimate recuperation - A month off from school sounds pretty good after the end of finals. Use this month to relax and sleep in, which will help renew your motivation.  If you have to work, make time for friends as a reward.

    4)  RESUME! – It would be pretty difficult (if at all possible) to hit the job market without one of these. Include every type of leader position you've held, along with clubs and organizations you've been involved with.

    5)  Begin looking for work for post-graduation - The jobs aren't going to find you; unfortunately, you have to go find them. Find a bunch of things that interest you, and start applying!

    6)  Stay involved in clubs and activities, but know your limits - don't overwhelm yourself, but don't miss your last opportunities to experience college life either.

Following these tips will help you reach the finish line to your college degree. Enjoy the rest of senior year, because let’s face it…this is the last time you’ll be one!


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